Simply Solar PV kits are a breeze to install. Land your racks and panels then grab your electrician and Go Solar!


It's your choice where you get your power. Our kits make it easy to produce your power and control the cost of your electricity.


Affordable kits are eligible for a 30% tax credit and your state may offer other incentives.


Solar energy has a low impact. It is clean, safe way to produce electricity and the fuel is free.

There really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Take Control. Empower your home with Solar.

electric bill

Solar Production

Notice in the chart how electric usage during the hours the sun is shining is very little or nothing at all. This could be your house.

Solar Kits for Installers

Are you a roofer, builder or electrician who has been asked to install solar? Simply Solar PV kits are perfect for you. They are packaged with everything you need to do the job. No more calling around to different distributors or suppliers and waiting for all the components. Our kits will ship directly to your location or your customer's location saving you time and money.

Buying Groups

Is your church, neighborhood, or social club interested in a bulk purchase program? We love to work with buying groups and our systems make it easy for you. We have several different kit sizes and each kit can be delivered to individual locations. One installer could be hired to take care of all the installations.

Why install solar

Electricity prices continue to escalate. Solar is a way you can take control of your electricity expenses. Thing of it as pre-purchasing power and guarenteeing the price for the next 20+ years.
Solar is Affordable
Most utility companies want you to think it is expensive and difficult to generate your own power. That is simply not true. What they do not want you to know is there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will find it on your roof or in your yard in the case of a ground mount system. Solar IS affordable for the average homeowner. Our kits make it possible.
Solar Makes Sense
Compare solar to food. If you were able to plant a perpetual garden in your yard which would fertilize itself, weed itself, harvest itself and put the food on the table for you without spoilage, wouldn't you? It would allow you to eat healthy with less effort and less expense. It would allow you to keep more of your hard earned money. That is exactly what a solar electric system does. Once you have landed and connected your solar panels they will generate electricity everyday with very little or no maintenance.
What is Simply Solar PV?
Simply Solar PV was designed to bring quality Made In The USA solar electric products to homeowners throughout the U.S. The addition of solar electric to homes in the U.S. has been slow mainly because of the misinformation about solar being too expensive or too hard to install. Much of this information comes from the utility companies who don't want you to generate your own power. Homeowners also have difficulty knowing which components are compatible. Simply Solar PV offers a solution for homeowners. Our kits help reduce the costs of solar and make solar even more affordable while providing top of the line Made in the USA products.

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First Step Kit 915 Watts

915 Watt Starter Set designed for those who want to try solar or provide supplemental power
Learn More

1830 Watt Kit

1.8 kW kit provides a double the production
Learn More

2745 Watts

2.7 kW system provides power for a very efficient house or building
Learn More

5490 Watts

5.4 kW system is designed for the home which has average energy usage
Learn More

Mix and Match

If you are looking for different size kits or a larger system, mix and match these kit sizes to customize your system.

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About Us

Simply Solar PV was formed to bring affordable grid tied solar electric (PV) to the average homeowner and support USA job growth. Our high quality systems use Made in the USA components giving you peace of mind that you are supporting American jobs.

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